Topps 1977 – Real Action

1977 front

1977 back

Another rough scan, but a great action shot of an of-the-time 70s design. I’m digging the double border serving as a frame for the photograph. The “Catcher” pennant is in lazy process cyan ink… and is the only graphic detail with a shadow for whatever reason. Topps included a printed autograph, too. Not a classic design by any measure, but I like it.

The back is exposed cardboard with green ink only. This is a first for Topps. All previous cards used black plus another color. Check out that completely unrelated Ty Cobb trivia which includes a remarkably dumb cartoon. But, hey, there’s some actual Carlton Fisk trivia back there, too. Oddly, there are some missing “the”s in the interest of limited space for the trivia, but he was killing it in the 1975 postseason.

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