Fleer League Leaders 1986 – Huh?

Fleer League Leaders 1986 FrontFleer League Leaders 1986 Back

There is SO much wrong with this card. Especially considering just how gosh darn nice that 1986 Donruss is. I’m just going to take the lazy way out with a bulleted list.

  • The design is UGLY. Where Donruss successfully pulled off a repeated line design in 1986, Fleer is aiming for what I assume to be pinstripes, but they are way too wide to look like anything but plain vertical lines.
  • Lots of printer’s shortcuts: of course the blue on the front is actually cyan (then maybe 30% Cyan for the “pinstripes”). The red is 50/50 magenta/yellow.
  • “LEAGUE LEADERS” is an old-timey, early 80s typeface. His name, team, and position is a retro-futuristic typeface. Why?
  • He looks pretty darn happy for once in his picture. Well, that’s something positive.
  • Those stupid “pinstripes” are definitely “behind” the other features on the card… except they don’t resume after being occluded by the “LEAGUE LEADERS” and name/team/position blocks. Look. I’ll wait. It’s just white between those boxes and the picture. Normally I’d fix this and say “LOOK WHAT I DID.” Not for this pile of crap.
  • No keylines around the “LEAGUE LEADERS” or name blocks. They wouldn’t fix this card, but it would be an improvement.
  • A finder point: there aren’t keylines on those features, but they are printing a slightly darker shade on the border of each. Take a close look at the red. There’s a border which matches the “Fleer” and “1986” color. Also, the name area gets what looks like 100% cyan as a border.
  • The back has that patented Fleer alignment where the color blocking doesn’t match the column widths when numbers get larger than expected. Check out the hit total.
  • Double Oh, yeah. He didn’t lead the league in anything in 1985. Check it out. And that page includes stats which weren’t even on anyone’s radar in 1985. He had a killer 1985, but not a league leading one.*
  • Asterisk: if one puts “as a catcher” at the end of many hitting statistics, he’s a league leader, but that’s kind of a stretch, right? Even looking at fielding statistics (which aren’t quite WAR or BABIP, but are still niche), he’s not a league leader.
  • It’s a limited edition! It was sold in a complete set of “League Leaders,” as a Walgreens exclusive.
  • Next card please.

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