The List of Fisk

The goal of this project is to document every* baseball card made during Carlton Fisk’s long playing career. With that career spanning 1972 to 1993, baseball cards changed A LOT; from Topps being the only maker until 1980 to the artificial luxury boom Upper Deck began in 1989 to the absolute glut of production in the 80s and early 90s which lead to even “limited!” cards being immediately and sustainingly valueless. I plan to primarily focus on the graphic design of the cards themselves, but expect asides into uniform design once he makes the jump to the White Sox, where he was present for one of the battiest eras of any team’s uniform history, as well as manufacturing trends, Carlton Fisk commentary, and overlapping Dan Fuller trivia and if anything springs to mind, notes about the specific card. Once other companies are in the mix, I’ll also discuss what each company was doing in a year and I’ll name a winner. Unless specified, every picture is a scan I’ve made from the card in my collection.

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